Conference Call Etiquette: What To Do and Not To Do

If you have been asked to join a conference call for the first time, you may be wondering why we would need rules of etiquette for a simple telephone meeting!

As a matter of fact, basic rules of engagement and behavior can mean the difference between efficiency and professionalism on the one hand, or disorder and time lost on the other. For conference calling can be a lifeline for many organizations whereby inefficiency becomes very costly in the long term.

So here are a few simple reminders to keep in mind when you are on your next conference call.

For Conference Hosts

- Publish an agenda and be clear about intentions and of what is to be accomplished for the conference

- Stress timeliness and make sure that you, as the moderator, set the example by being punctual

- Set the rules for the call to ensure less interruptions and a free flow of information is had through ordered conversations

For Conference Participants

- Be on time (enough said!)

- Don’t interrupt other participants when they have not finished making their point

- Keep in mind that any sound you make or background noise present will be amplified and heard by everyone else in the conference

- Don’t overdo the telephone conference commands (ex: mute function) available to you as it may generate a tone that can be heard by everyone in the conference call

- Try not to use a cell phone or speaker phone as it may cause feedback or echoing in the conference call

And voila! Simple enough, isn’t it? A few simple reminders to keep in mind which can help go a long way to ensuring your next telephone conference call goes smoothly and hassle free.

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